pottery workshops

'mindful play is the cure for overwhelm' - brené brown - in a time when so much of our attention is focused on screens and work, it's essential to re-ground ourselves and connect with nature and each other. my 'mindful clay play' workshops make space to disconnect from the hustle to connect with clay and each other.

workshop registration is now closed, check back here for updates or contact grace here to schedule a private workshop.

past gatherings
8.14.22 |  mug making workshop in the garden | park slope, brooklyn
9.11.22 |  vase making workshop in the garden | park slope, brooklyn
10.4.22 | mindful clay play | fort greene, brooklyn
10.9.22 | pottery workshop in the garden - bowls | park slope, brooklyn


pottery workshop FAQ

Do you host private workshops?

I do! I offer private lessons, group workshops and company classes, making space for you and your friends or co-workers to unwind and reconnect. Contact me for my rates and to schedule a private workshop or gathering!

What is the difference between a workshop and clay play?

Both offer an opportunity to unwind and make something beautiful out of clay. A workshop will be more structured with a focus on technique and uses clay that needs to be fired in a kiln and glazed (which I will do for you). In a clay play gathering, we will be making something beautiful out of air dry clay, so you can bring your piece home with you that day! The price reflects the cost of the labor and materials that goes into each type of workshop.

Can I do more than one workshop?

Absolutely! We will be making different things in every workshop, so feel free to join for however many you'd like.

What if the workshop is outdoors and it rains?

If the workshop is in the garden and it rains, we will have a large awning to keep us dry. If the workshop is in the park and it rains, we will be in touch about an indoor option or scheduling another date.

What if I can't make it but I already bought a ticket?

Just let me know and we can transfer your ticket to a friend or to a later date! Unfortunately I'm not able to give refunds at this time.

When will I get my piece?

If you are doing a workshop that requires your piece to be fired and glazed, you will be able to pick it up in 2 - 3 weeks (or have it shipped for an additional cost). If you are joining for a clay play gathering using air dry clay, you will be able to take your piece home with you that day!

Will I learn how to use a potter's wheel?

My workshops are focused on community gathering, so they take place outside of the pottery studio and in the community - whether that's a private backyard, a public park, or another gathering space like a local shop. Because of this, all courses are handbuilding based, which means we will not be using a potter's wheel. This allows us to make something beautiful in one gathering, unlike using a potter's wheel, which takes weeks to learn.