studio processing: rest as easeful routine

studio processing: rest as easeful routine

In June, still high on the fresh air from a dreamy trip to the Maine countryside, I wrote of rest: the lingering rest my pots-in-progress need as they dry before a firing; the rest my body and nature-starved spirit crave, fulfilled in our little rental in Maine with outdoor showers and slow mornings on the porch. Weeks later, back in Brooklyn, I feel exhausted and drained, crawling into bed early every night, barely able to keep my eyes open for two pages of my book.

Uncovering the importance of small restful moments led me to discover that there are seven types of rest that every human needs.

The first is mental rest:

woman holding a handmade checkered mug

Choose a time each day to make a mug of tea or coffee and sit to watch the steam rise for a few moments. Just taking the walk away from your desk, warming and pouring the water, and noticing the steam can help ground and refocus you. (Bonus if the mug is handmade!)

Read more about the other six essential types of rest, plus simple thoughts on how we can incorporate them into easeful routine, no weekend excursions necessary right this way.

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