studio processing: holding joy close

studio processing: holding joy close

"Late Friday morning, I pedaled through the Brooklyn Navy Yard and up the incline of the Manhattan Bridge, swerved through cars and speeding ebikes, swiftly braked more times than I could count for New Yorkers who are always stepping into the street, and made my way West on 21st street. I had a plan: make beautiful floral bouquets to sell with my pottery over the weekend. 

I hadn’t made a dollar back on my flowers so I vowed never to waste time biking to the flower district again! And then. That afternoon... my heart swelled a bit at the feathery wisp of a bud and how it gently draped down the side of the vase... At my pottery workshop the next day, the flowers...elevated whole scene, adding a gentle flair that felt like me in flower form."


Read on about my creative endeavor that I hold close to my heart, right this way.

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