studio processing: sabbatical pockets

studio processing: sabbatical pockets

"Last Thursday, as I read the chapter [in Brené Brown's Atlas of the Heart] on the Places We Go When Things Are Uncertain or Too Much, it felt as though I had been setting aside a series of puzzle pieces and suddenly found the one that waterfalls them all into place. I read her words over and over to myself, ‘mindful play, or no-agenda, non-doing time, is the cure for overwhelm.’ ... Brené Brown is also overwhelmed, and, in her most recent awe-inducing moment, she responded by taking a summer-long sabbatical. 

Non-doing time is essential and until I get us to that magical place of summer-long sabbaticals, I will craft little pockets of space that give us a similar feeling - sabbatical pockets. Tiny moments and rituals that give us space to unwind, that remind us of the importance of boundaries to our health, the need for care to prevent burnout."

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